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All You Need to Know About SCP-096

1. What is SCP-096?

SCP-096 is a very tall, skinny creature shaped like a human being. In the stories, SCP-096 is kept locked in a big steel box by the SCP Foundation. It stays alone in the box because seeing its face makes it angry and violent.

SCP-096’s body looks human-like but it behaves more like a monster. Its pale skin and shy behavior some people call it “The Shy Guy.” But it can be very dangerous if its face is seen by someone.

2. Is SCP-096 Real?

Many people wonder if SCP-096 is a real creature. SCP stands for “Secure, Contain, Protect.” The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization that finds unusual creatures and objects to study and keep people safe from them. SCP-096 is one of these imaginary creatures written about by people who like to tell scary stories on the internet.

So even though SCP-096 seems very creepy and real in the stories, it is not a real creature. The SCP Foundation and SCP-096 do not exist outside of stories and pretend play. But the stories can seem very convincing and scary!

Of course, some people also believe that SCP-096 really exists. For details, please read: Is SCP-096 Real? Does SCP-096 Exist?

3. What Does SCP-096 Look Like?

SCP-096 stands over 7 feet tall but weighs very little. It has long, skinny arms and legs like sticks. Its skin is totally white with no hair anywhere on the body. The face has almost no features besides a small nose and a mouth full of teeth. Its eyes have no color or pupils so it might be blind.

SCP-096’s jaw can open 4 times wider than a normal person too. This lets out very loud screams. So even though SCP-069 looks skinny and weak, it has some odd body parts that help make it scary.

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4. How Tall is SCP-096?

According to the stories, SCP-096 is very tall, measuring over 7 feet high or 2.38 meters. That would make it tower over most basketball players! Being so tall probably helps it walk and run fast to chase people.

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5. How Strong is SCP-096?

Even though SCP-096 is so skinny, when it is mad, it has amazing strength. Bullets and bombs cannot hurt it because its body is nearly indestructible. It can smash through steel walls and doors without being damaged itself. No weapons have ever truly hurt SCP-096 once it goes into a rage.

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6. How Fast is SCP-096?

SCP-096 can run extremely fast to find and catch someone who saw its face – over 60 miles per hour! That makes it even faster than most vehicles. Nothing man-made or in nature can outrun SCP-096 for long once it starts chasing.

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7. How Old is SCP-096?

No one knows exactly how long SCP-096 has existed. The stories give no clues if it ages like people or could live forever. There were attempts mentioned by the SCP Foundation to kill SCP-096 but none worked so far. For now, it seems locked in its box, pacing back and forth endlessly.

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8. Where was SCP-096 Found?

According to its backstory, SCP-096 was first spotted roaming near a remote mountain range far from civilization. When the SCP Foundation team tried to capture it, several looked at the face which made SCP-096 angry. Many people died but they managed to bag its head and take SCP-096 away.

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9. Why Does SCP-096 Hate Being Looked At?

No one knows for sure why seeing its face makes SCP-096 so mad. Perhaps something in its past hurt it whenever people stared. Or maybe its mind cannot understand why its face looks so strange, so it panics. But any glance instantly fills SCP-096 with rage and pain until it destroys what scared it.

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10. Why Does SCP-096 Scream and Cry?

Seeing its face overwhelms SCP-096 with fear and anger. It screams from the shock and confusion at being stared at. The tears are from the deep sadness of feeling judged as a monster. SCP-096 covers its face but can’t escape the memories. Only killing the person who saw its face calms SCP-096 down again.

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11. Why Does SCP-096 Kill People Who See Its Face?

Again, no one fully understands SCP-096’s mind and past. But when someone sees its face, SCP-096’s only goal becomes eliminating whomever caused its painful reaction. It is like how people swat bugs that sting or scare them – SCP-096 must get rid of the source of its misery at all costs. After ending the face that hurt it, SCP-096 then returns to normal.

12. How to Kill SCP-096?

The SCP Foundation tried nearly everything to destroy SCP-096 – guns, bombs, poisons, other SCP objects with strange powers, etc. Nothing has worked so far. SCP-096’s body heals from all damage during its rage while chasing its victim. It only becomes calm and able to be hurt again after killing who saw its face. But no method has then succeeded in terminating SCP-096 for good.

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13. SCP-096 Backstory and Origins

Many wonder where SCP-096 came from or if it was once human. No backstories have officially explained its origins yet. Some tales describe it as maybe evolving from an abused person, a monster from ancient times, or even an alien. No one at the SCP Foundation knows either since SCP-096 can’t speak. Its history remains a mystery for now.

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So while not real, the fictional SCP-096 creates fun scary stories for people’s enjoyment. It also makes us think about how we treat those who look or act differently than ourselves. If they have painful histories, judging their appearances can make their situations even worse. The shy man SCP-096 shows Us that lesson in frightening ways!

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