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What Does SCP-096 Look Like? SCP-096 Face Real Life

What Does SCP-096 Look Like?

There is a very strange creature called SCP-096. SCP stands for “Special Containment Procedures”. This means SCP-096 needs to be contained so it does not hurt anyone.

SCP-096 is very tall, even taller than your dad or mom! When standing up straight, it is over 8 feet tall. That is as tall as two 3rd graders standing on each other’s shoulders. It is very skinny too. It weighs only around 120 pounds. That’s how much two 2nd graders weigh together.

Its whole body is gray and smooth. It has no hair on its body at all. Its arms are very long, almost reaching all the way down to its feet. It has four fingers on each hand, with long claw-like nails. Even though SCP-096 does not have eyes, it is able to see somehow. No one knows how.

SCP 096 Real Face

The scariest part is its face. SCP-096 does not show its face normally. It covers its face with its long hands. That is because if anyone sees SCP-096’s face, it will get very angry and hurt that person. Even pictures and videos of its face will make it mad. So no one is supposed to look at its face or show pictures or videos.

When SCP-096 is calm, it will sit in the corner of its room very still, with its head down and hands over its face. But when it gets angry about someone seeing its face, it stands up very fast. Then it will run towards the person who saw its face to try to hurt them. It runs extremely fast, faster than any human. Some people say it can even catch racecars and trains.

So that is what SCP-096 looks like. It is a very tall and skinny human-like creature that covers its scary face all the time. If you ever see even a picture of its face, don’t look! And tell an adult right away before it comes after you! The most important rule with SCP-096 is never to look at its hidden face.

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