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What is SCP Merch Store ?

We are an online SCP shop sells offficial SCP merch. We sell all kinds of SCP products, such as scp toys, scp cosplay costume, scp keycards, scp patch, scp pins, scp necklace, scp backpack, scp mug, scp poster, scp foundation clothing, scp shirt, scp sweatshirt, scp jacket,scp hoodies and so on. 

Most popullar SCP Foundation Merch

SCP Foundation Pencil Case
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SCP Bag Charm SCP Keychain
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Customer Reviews of Our SCP Merch

We have SCP Foundation fans from all over the world who have become our loyal customers. We are committed to creating more and more interesting SCP merchandise, as well as providing higher quality goods and services.

As an SCP fan, I highly recommend this shop. They have a full range of SCP merchedise and the quality is excellent. If there are ever any defects, the owner will replace them at no extra cost. Let me reveal a secret – some items here are very affordable, you can definitely find something you like here. – Laura Fitzgerald

I’m passionate about SCP cosplay. I can find all the props and costumes I need here. The store owner is very willing to listen to customers’ requests. Once, I wanted to custom order an SCP patch for my MTF costume. I know asking for just one custom patch was a ridiculous request, but the store owner quickly agreed to it, at a very low price too. I’m very happy to continue shopping here long-term. – Kevin Walsh

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Our Focus is on Creating SCP Merch

SCP Baseball Cap SCP Foundation Logo Baseball Caps Dad Hat
SCP Wrist Watch
SCP Mask
SCP Crossbody Bag SCP Foundation Shoulder Bag
SCP Flashlight SCP Foundation Tactical Flashlight Torch Light
SCP Wallet SCP Foundation Leather Wallet Purse

SCP Merch Copyright

All SCP merch are based on the concepts, ideas, and logo found at and as such is included under the Creative Commons License Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 license found here:

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