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The Backrooms Merch

We sell backrooms lego set, backrooms figure, backroom masks and so on. Everyone is welcome to browse and purchase our Backrooms merchandise. Stay tuned for more intriguing Backrooms merchandise to be added in the future.

Our Most Popular Backrooms Toys

Lego Backrooms

Our backrooms lego sets are made from high-quality PVC material. Due to containing small parts, they are suitable for ages 10 and above.

Backrooms Action Figure

Our Backrooms figures are made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic resin. As these are handmade items, please allow 1-2 weeks for restocking if out of stock.

Backrooms Mask Party Pooper Mask

Our party pooper backrooms masks are made from silica gel and eco-friendly PVC, adjustable in size, suitable for most face shapes.

Is the Backrooms an SCP ?

The Backrooms constitute an entirely distinct franchise and group from the SCP Foundation, indicating that they are not classified as any form of SCP. Despite their differences, many SCP enthusiasts are interested in the Backrooms. Therefore, our website now features a dedicated section for Backrooms merchandise.

About Backrooms Merch Store

Step into the intriguing and enigmatic world of the Backrooms with our exclusive collection of Backrooms merchandise. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a curious newcomer, our selection of figures, masks, and LEGO sets will immerse you in the labyrinthine corridors and mysterious realms of the Backrooms.

At Backrooms Store, we’re passionate about bringing the mysteries of the Backrooms to life through our unique merchandise collection. Each item is carefully curated to capture the essence of this captivating universe, allowing fans to immerse themselves in its secrets and wonders.

More Backrooms Merch is Coming: Backrooms Costumes and Backrooms Clothes

Get ready for an influx of fresh Backrooms merchandise, including Backrooms shirts, Backrooms cosplay sets, and more! We’re constantly expanding our collection to bring you even more ways to immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Backrooms.

Customer reviews

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Partypoopers mask
Partypoopers mask
Partypoopers mask
Aidan Carlsen
11 September 2023
Great quality, love the movement on it. Eye holes are a little small but nothing some scissors can't fix real quick. Highly recommend! ...More

Great quality, love the movement on it. Eye holes are a little small but nothing some scissors can't fix real quick. Highly recommend!

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Partypoopers mask
25 August 2023

Fast shipping, mask is very well made. Thanks!

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Partypoopers mask
vianney moreau
22 July 2023

Great guy and the mask is pretty cool for my son

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Partypoopers mask
Daniel Mahoney
25 June 2023

The quality of the item was gonna be where I expected. Awesome mask

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