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All You Need to Know About SCP-096

1. What is SCP-096? SCP-096 is a very tall, skinny creature shaped like a human being. In the stories, SCP-096 is kept locked in a big steel box by the SCP Foundation. It stays alone in the box because seeing its face makes it angry and violent. SCP-096’s body looks human-like but it behaves more […]

SCP 096 Pictures Photos Images

scp 096 sketch picture scp 096 crying picture scp-096 real photo scp 096 photo scp 096 photos pic of scp 096 scp 096 image scp 096 drawing picture of scp 096 pictures of scp 096 attacking scp-096 crying images scp-096 photo: running scp 096 coloring page scp 096 photograph scp 096 png scp 096 wallpaper […]

The Rake VS SCP 096. Can the Rake Beat SCP 096?

Can The Rake Beat SCP 096? The Rake VS SCP 096 Is SCP 096 The Rake? No, The Rake and SCP-096 are two scary monsters from stories on the internet. They look a little bit alike, with pale skin and long limbs. But they actually come from very different places! Is the Rake an SCP […]

What If SCP-096 Looked In A Mirror? What If SCP 096 Sees His Own Face?

As we learned, SCP-096 gets upset if anyone sees its face. It tries to hurt anyone who sees its face. The SCP Foundation keeps it locked in a steel box so it can’t see people and get mad. What happens if SCP 096 looks in a mirror? Well, the researchers at the Foundation wondered about […]

SCP-096 4 Pixels Incident SCP 096 Mountain Photo

Incident 096-1-A SCP-096 likes to pace back and forth in its room. It cries a lot and covers its face with its hands. It does not like people looking at its face. If someone sees SCP-096’s face, even in a picture, it gets very upset. It screams and cries and gets very angry. Then it […]

SCP-096 Origins SCP-096 Backstory

SCP-096 Origins And Backstory Where did the Shy Guy SCP-096 come from? Was it born human? How did it become a scary, face-hating monster? 096’s actual past remains a puzzling mystery! Let’s explore some strange theories about its shadowy backstory and origin. Some accounts suggest 096 began life as a regular baby boy who sadly […]

Can You Kill SCP-096? How To Kill SCP-096?

Can You Kill SCP-096? Can scary SCP-096 be killed? How do you defeat the powerful shy monster? Many brave groups have tried destroying deadly 096. Learning whether and how to stop 096 could save many lives! The secretive SCP Foundation tries containing dangerous things away from the public. But some oddities like 096 are too […]

How Does SCP-096 Kill You? Why Does SCP 096 Kill You?

Why does SCP-096 kill anyone who sees its hidden face? How exactly does it end their lives so horribly? The scary killing monster remains full of lethal mysteries. What makes SCP 096 angry? What is known is that even a brief glimpse of SCP-096’s eyes or skin triggers instant, distressed shouting and sobbing from it. […]

Why Does SCP 096 Cry? SCP 096’s Screaming

SCP 096 Screaming Crying sound effect mp3 download: Why Does SCP 096 Cry? When calm, SCP-096 just paces quietly in its locked room with its face buried under bony hands. SCP-096 makes many creepy and upsetting sounds like screaming, crying, moaning, and more. But why does it behave this way? Understanding 096’s noisy reactions has […]

Why Does SCP-096 Hate Being Looked At? Is SCP-096 Friendly?

Why Does SCP-096 Hate Being Looked At? SCP-096 reacts very angrily whenever someone sees its face. But why does it hate being looked at so much? Understanding the reasons behind its extreme reaction has puzzled scientists for years. As a very shy being, SCP-096 prefers to be left alone and not noticed. It hides away […]

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