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Why Does SCP-096 Hate Being Looked At? Is SCP-096 Friendly?

Why Does SCP-096 Hate Being Looked At?

SCP-096 reacts very angrily whenever someone sees its face. But why does it hate being looked at so much? Understanding the reasons behind its extreme reaction has puzzled scientists for years.

As a very shy being, SCP-096 prefers to be left alone and not noticed. It hides away from people, often covering its face with its long hands even when calm. So having its facial privacy invaded clearly distresses SCP-096 greatly.

Here are possible reasons why scp 096 gets mad if you look at his face.

Reason One: SCP-096 was born with a bizarre and ugly appearance, so it hid itself away in remote snowy mountains out of shame over its looks. It is painfully shy about its odd face, and that’s why it panics and attacks anyone who sees its features.

Reason Two: SCP-096 has a tragic history of abuse by humans who hurt and bullied it for looking different. This left it traumatized and hostile to our species, fearing more pain if noticed again. Covering its identifying face and lashing out violently is a defensive mechanism against renewed torment.

Reason Three: Somehow seeing SCP-096’s face activates tremendous destructive power within its body, which 096 cannot control but is desperate not to unleash and harm humanity. So it hides its dangerous face to shelter mankind, as well as preserve itself from blame.

Is SCP-096 Friendly?

Rather than asking “Is SCP-096 Friendly?”, why not ask “Are humans friendly?”

SCP-096 hides alone covering its anomalous face and dwells in remote places precisely to avoid being seen. Yet human forces like exploration teams and MTF squads persistently track 096 down even in its isolated habitats, threatening and attacking the disturbed creature.

This relentless persecution by mankind in the name of containment may in fact provoke SCP-096 into ever greater displays of violence and unpredictable mutation. Its repeated breaches and body horror could essentially represent acts of self-defense against what it likely perceives as an existential threat.

Perhaps the solution lies not in increasingly forceful suppression of SCP-096, but first in doing no harm ourselves. If left alone, might 096 learn to self-regulate its outbursts and stabilize into something safely integrating with nature? The Foundation’s well-meaning interference may actually be making things worse.

Before judging SCP-096 as an irredeemable monster to be eternally caged or destroyed, maybe we should question our own aggressive role in triggering its understandable backlash. Ceasing human hostility could calm this cycle of harm, opening possibilities of coexistence we haven’t yet dared try.

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