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Where Was SCP-096 Found? Where Is SCP-096 Located?

Where was SCP-096 First Found?

SCP-096 was first spotted high up in a remote, snowy mountain range far from civilization. Hikers exploring the icy peaks noticed the tall, skinny humanoid wandering the windswept cliffs and caves. They watched it silently climb sheer rock walls with ease, despite the harsh conditions.

Realizing this bizarre creature was supernatural with unbelievable abilities, the frightened climbers reported back what they had witnessed. Teams were sent to locate and capture the anomalous being for containment and study by the secretive SCP Foundation.

When the first recovery squad located SCP-096’s high mountain habitat and approached, they accidentally triggered its furious reaction by glimpsing its hidden face. In rage, 096 massacred almost all personnel, revealing fearsome danger. Backup crews were warned not to view 096’s face when capturing it to avoid certain death.

By encasing SCP-096’s head with a secured bag after luring it aboard a transport chopper, the recovery operation succeeded in safely bringing the rage-prone oddity to a classified research site for lockdown. This remote snowscape marked the recognized point of SCP-096’s disturbing introduction to our world.

Where Is SCP-096 Located?

Today, SCP-096 resides sealed deep inside a heavy steel confinement chamber at a covert Foundation site. Kept under constant surveillance, sensors track 096 while researchers conduct tests probing its supernatural qualities through small portals.

While most information about SCP facilities remains top-secret even to government, it’s believed SCP-096 likely lives among other captive shoe and supernatural entities at classified Sites-17 through 19 in Eurasia based on rumors. However, its precise location is obscured to minimize security risks.

Few personnel interact directly with the creatures locked within hidden SCP laboratories. Strict protocol governs encounters with high-risk creatures like the lethally moody SCP-096. Psychiatric evaluations ensure only the mentally fit handle such instability.

So now secured far from the blinding snowpeaks it once roamed, SCP-096 is confined to cramped isolation by an organization dedicated to keeping humanity safe from its disturbing rage. They work tirelessly to unlock the faceless monster’s secrets in hopes of neutralization, while eternally dreading the devastation if 096 ever breaches containment!

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