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How Old Is SCP-096? Is SCP-096 Still Alive?

How Old Is SCP-096? Is SCP-096 Dead?

The Shy Guy SCP-096 has been around for a incredibly long time. Many clues show it has likely lived for many, many hundreds of years, perhaps over a thousand years!

SCP-096 looks like a person, but it is much taller at over 8 feet high. It also stays skinny as a stick, no matter how old it gets. Its skin never seems to wrinkle or get weaker either. SCP-096’s body works very differently from normal human beings.

SCP-096’s Ageless Body

Unlike people and animals, SCP-096 does not seem to age normally as time passes. Its skinny body never changes or slows down from old age. Somehow it can live forever without dying, staying fast and strong no matter how old it grows.

The first sighting of SCP-096 was by mountain climbers finding it roaming a high, snowy mountain. It had probably made that remote peak its lonely home for ages before then. No humans could survive that frigid place for centuries – but time doesn’t harm SCP-096 that way.

The Secret of SCP-096’s Alive

Scientists have tested SCP-096 to try understanding its weird ability to escape aging and death. But even using advanced technology and medical exams, they cannot explain how its body ignores the laws of nature this way. Immortality seems a total mystery unique to only SCP-096 on Earth!

How can a living thing stay unchanged and undying for so long? And will we have to keep containing cranky old SCP-096 forever, since it refuses to expire from extreme old age? Its endless lifespan is truly astounding and unknown.

SCP-096 Termination

The SCP Foundation has tried many times to terminate SCP-096 to end the threat of its lethal rage. But not even the strongest weapons, wildest experiments, or other dangerous SCPs have succeeded killing it for good. No matter what horrible damage it takes, 096 always heals up and lives on!

So while SCP-096’s exact age remains a riddle for now, one thing does seem sadly sure – this ancient horror will likely haunt and hide from humanity for all the years still to come. It cannot be reasoned with or cured. Containing immortal SCP-096 looks to be our uneasy duty forevermore!

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