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How Fast Is SCP-096?

scp 096 running

How Fast is SCP-096?

SCP-096 can move extremely fast when it is mad or chasing someone. It can run faster than the fastest race cars, trains, planes, and even missiles! Exactly how quickly it goes is unclear, but at top speed, it outtraces anything humans have made so far.

How fast can SCP-096 run?

Scientists are still determining how SCP-096 can run fast on two long legs. It should not be possible by normal biology. Some guess SCP-096 has invisible rockets or super energy inside. Others think it can bend space and time when running. But its true speed secrets remain a mystery.

We know that once seen, no one escapes an angered SCP-096 sprinting for them. Not the quickest athlete, fastest jet pack, or teleportation can outpace its frightening speed for long. Within minutes, it rapidly arrives at face viewers miles away, even across oceans. Nowhere is safe from its swift vengeance!

Stories tell of SCP-096 inexplicably appearing at impossible remote Arctic bases minutes after face exposure, having covered immense distance. When enraged, physics does not constrain its shocking velocity in chasing down targets swiftly. Electrical grids also surge or fail, hinting they emit strange signals.

Witnesses who saw SCP 096 running

Witnesses swear SCP-096 passes like a tornado, leaving flattened forests and vehicles swirling. Blast doors meant to delay it for capture implode from the force as it barges through. At top gear, no restraints can halt its single-minded speedy stampede toward face viewers.

Some reports claim SCP-096 has kept pace with helicopters trying to retreat. A few pilots desperately speeding away swear they barely escaped its ginormous grasp each time it leaped to swat them from the skies. But exactly how fast it went airborne is uncertain.

Why SCP 096 run so fast?

What’s sure is that SCP-096’s running velocity overwhelms comprehension when seeking revenge. With legs pumping like pistons, lungs strangely never tiring, and fuel sources untapped by our science, it rockets ahead of any tech built thus far. We cannot yet travel faster than angered SCP-096 at full frightening speed!

So, if you ever foolishly peek at SCP-096’s forbidden face, escape is essentially hopeless. Find cover and kiss your butt goodbye! No jets or sports cars will save you from its swift and gruesome wrath for a long time once en route to you! Outracing it borders on impossible, but hiding might work! At least until it rips apart your fragile hiding spot…

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