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How Strong Is SCP-096?

How Strong is SCP-096?

SCP-096 is a powerful monster that can rip through walls, run faster than racecars, and trash huge laboratories.

Figuring out exactly how strong it is has been difficult. But scientists estimate it is 20 to 30 times stronger than an average adult human!

To give you an idea of how unbelievably strong that makes SCP-096, imagine 20 significant weightlifters teaming up to lift or crush something together. Or 30 wrestlers all pushing against one wall with all their might at once. That is about equal to SCP-096’s power!

SCP-096’s strength comes partly from being so enormously tall, even taller than basketball hoops. Being so big gives it a lot more muscle than ordinary people.

But it seems unnaturally strong, even accounting for its size. Scientists think something about SCP-096’s biology amplifies its power.

When SCP-096 gets angry, its strength grows even stronger from all its rage. It has snapped steel bars and shattered six inch concrete walls like cheap wood panels or plastic building blocks. The Hulk would struggle to match SCP-096’s limitless power when it goes berserk.

To keep this mighty beast contained, the SCP facility had to rebuild its habitat three times stronger:

  1. Regular concrete and steel cages got smashed.
  2. Thicker reinforced walls with steel beams warped and buckled soon after.
  3. Walls made of 1 foot of solid steel have lasted at great expense.

SCP troops now wear special body armor whenever they interact with SCP-096. Even armed guards would be broken like toys in its grasp.

No human weapons can pierce its stone skin or slow it down. Luckily, SCP-096 remains peaceful and docile until someone views its hidden face.

What scientists find most impressive is that SCP-096 looks so skinny and frail, with sunken cheeks and protruding bones when calm.

But with seemingly endless power reserves, it rages through obstacles like wet paper when chasing face viewers. Its actual capabilities are both astounding and horrifying.

So, if you ever find yourself being chased by an enraged SCP-096 for accidentally seeing its face, do NOT fight back!

Its strength is far beyond any person or weapon on Earth. Just run and hide if you want any chance of not getting crushed to bits! Avoid SCP-096’s deadly power at all costs!

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