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Why Does SCP 096 Cry? SCP 096’s Screaming

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Why Does SCP 096 Cry?

When calm, SCP-096 just paces quietly in its locked room with its face buried under bony hands. SCP-096 makes many creepy and upsetting sounds like screaming, crying, moaning, and more. But why does it behave this way? Understanding 096’s noisy reactions has puzzled researchers endlessly.

Possible Reasons Why Dose SCP 096 Screaming and Crying

Some clues hint its sad whimpers may come from hating being viewed as a freak by humans. Hiding its head could be the only way the lonesome beast finds comfort and peace.

Other clues suggest 096’s brain cannot block traumatic memories of being bullied as a child over its weird look. Its crying spells relate to lifelong emotional scars of abuse that never healed. 096 sobs internally over past cruelty it cannot forget.

Or perhaps constant agony from its irregular body shape privately tortures 096, with no medicine able to numb such endless suffering. The pitiful wailing echoes 096’s desperate coping as it awaits mercy through termination.

In any case, SCP personnel know observing 096’s face triggers immediate piercing shrieks and sobs. Something about being visible seriously distresses it. 096 covers its head while unleashing loud distress calls, as if betrayed by eyes meeting its own.

SCP-096’s Screams Means the Coming of Danger

Quickly though, 096’s cries turn from mournful to murderous. Driven by an unknown instinct, it bolts toward face viewers emitting a blood-boiling battle scream. Like a siren signaling doom, this throating howl means 096 is coming to kill gruesomely.

Why does 096 shift from sad to mad wailing? Perhaps viewing its face forces 096 to relive old trauma, enraging it to lash back at abusers. Or maybe 096 secretly lacks control over destructive powers in its body involuntarily activated by notice.

While 096’s exact reasons stay uncertain, all teams understand its noisy transitions from depressed to destructive. Silently pacing or miserably moaning means 096 is no current threat. But maniacal shrieking declares victims will soon meet gory fates!

So pay close attention to the pitiful giant’s peeping! Cries growing into roars signal your last minutes alive if spotted. But muffled mournful murmurs mean no need to fret – as long as 096’s tear-filled eyes remain unseen! Keep that creepy face covered if you value breathing!

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