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How Does SCP-096 Kill You? Why Does SCP 096 Kill You?

Why does SCP-096 kill anyone who sees its hidden face? How exactly does it end their lives so horribly? The scary killing monster remains full of lethal mysteries.

What makes SCP 096 angry?

What is known is that even a brief glimpse of SCP-096’s eyes or skin triggers instant, distressed shouting and sobbing from it. Mere pixels or artist sketches seem enough to activate its furious reaction. Before long its cries turn to crazy screams as 096 races after the at-fault eyes at unbelievable speed.

How Does SCP-096 Kill You?

What does SCP-096 do to its victims after being caught? When 096 inevitably tracks down victims, the terrible punishment starts. It often begins by snapping necks with its huge hands or ripping limbs completely off from bodies. Reports describe 096 digging into flesh alongside sickening crunches and snaps. Shredded body remains often appear nearly unrecognizable afterward. Records are intentionally unclear about these brutal finishing moves for ethical reasons.

Why Does SCP 096 kill you?

Some theories suggest 096 eliminates eyewitnesses out of psychological trauma or rage over its lifetime of mistreatment for looking weird. Like a deeply bullied child, its violence serves as emotional vengeance against judgmental bullying in permanent retaliation.

Other Speculation hints that viewing 096’s face somehow turns on uncontrollable deadly power surging within its cells. So 096 butchers viewers involuntarily in its desperate attempts to deactivate that internal ticking time-bomb smashing through any obstacles between it and targets.

Perhaps gazing upon 096 even for an instant exposes mortal minds to maddening interdimensional truth they cannot handle, shattering sanity. 096 may then also mercifully end complete mental devastation for those unfortunate victims by fatal means during its unstoppable stampede to reach them.

While the full motives and methodology remain uncertain, clearly 096 eliminates all who fully take in its anomalous appearance deliberately and thoroughly. It seems fully aware of this harming, since covering its face closely with long hands appears to be 096 trying its best to thwart triggering such guaranteed carnage cycles. Yet whatever hides under that constant disguise still manages to leak out mortally when spied unmasked.

After You Are Killed by SCP-096

After massacring and [DATA EXPUNGED] at the eyewitness spot, the mind-boggling creature then returns peacefully to its confined chamber, ignoring injuries and leaving gory remnants. No evidence even hints the violence aches or exhausts bizarre 096. Its physical reality seems to humorlessly function processing life and death around just this sole function tirelessly and eternally.

When encountering 096, remember laying eyes on its unseen face promises dying in gratuitous, horrible ways. No hiding places nor obstacles deter its merciless, single-minded stampedes of destruction eliminating victims. Avoid even accidental peeks if you want those eyeballs staying snugly in your skull instead of torn out! Let 096’s unseen face also stay unseen if enjoying breathing!

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