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SCP-096 4 Pixels Incident SCP 096 Mountain Photo

scp 096 mountain photo original

Incident 096-1-A

SCP-096 likes to pace back and forth in its room. It cries a lot and covers its face with its hands. It does not like people looking at its face. If someone sees SCP-096’s face, even in a picture, it gets very upset. It screams and cries and gets very angry. Then it tries to find the person who saw its face so it can hurt them.

SCP-096 can run incredibly fast to find the person who saw its face. It can run faster than a car driving on the highway! Once it finds them, it will attack them. SCP-096 will hurt the person badly until they die. Then SCP-096 goes back to normal and returns to its room.

The SCP Foundation keeps SCP-096 locked in a steel box so it cannot get out and hurt people. There are no cameras inside the box. There can be no pictures or videos of its face so it does not get upset and escape.

4 Pixels SCP-096

One day, a mountain climber was in the mountains taking pictures of the land. In one picture, SCP-096 was far away in the background. Its face only took up 4 pixels in the photo. The mountain climber looked at the picture later and noticed the pixels of SCP-096’s face. Suddenly, SCP-096 knew someone had seen its face in the picture!

SCP-096 screamed in its box and started banging on the steel walls. It was able to break free! It raced out of the building, running faster than anything to find the mountain climber. It charged down roads and highways to get to the climber. Anyone who saw SCP-096’s face as it ran would also get attacked.

The Foundation tried to catch SCP-096 before it got to the mountain climber. They shot SCP-096 many times, but it would not stop or slow down. They even hit it with a big bomb, but it kept going! It had to find and hurt the person who saw its face! Finally, they put a bag over SCP-096’s face before it found the mountain climber. This made it calm down.

The Foundation realized there could be SCP-096’s face in old photos anywhere in the world that nobody has noticed yet. Just a few pixels could set it off! So they keep watch over its box very carefully. No one is ever allowed to see its face again!

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