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What If SCP-096 Looked In A Mirror? What If SCP 096 Sees His Own Face?

As we learned, SCP-096 gets upset if anyone sees its face. It tries to hurt anyone who sees its face. The SCP Foundation keeps it locked in a steel box so it can’t see people and get mad.

What happens if SCP 096 looks in a mirror?

Well, the researchers at the Foundation wondered about this too. So one day, when SCP-096 was calm, they brought a mirror into its room. They hid behind a window to see what would happen.

At first, SCP-096 did not notice the mirror. It paced back and forth like usual. It cried quietly and covered its face with its hands.

Eventually, SCP-096 saw the mirror standing there. It walked up to the mirror slowly. It reached out one of its long, skinny arms to touch the mirror. It jumped back, scared of the creature it saw!

Then SCP-096 realized it was its own reflection. For the first time, it saw its own face staring back. It let out a loud, painful scream and covered its eyes! It cried and shouted and ran around the room.

The researchers watched nervously. They wondered if seeing itself would make SCP-096 angry enough to attack. After a few minutes, SCP-096 stopped running and uncovered its eyes. It saw its reflection again. This time, it just sat down against the wall, crying softly.

SCP-096 stared sadly at its own face in the mirror. It put its head down between its knees. It wrapped its long arms around itself, hugging its skinny body tightly as it rocked back and forth. Seeing its own face had made SCP-096 very upset. But instead of getting angry and trying to hurt someone, it became very sad and just cried.

SCP-096 can not terminated by a mirror

Some researchers felt bad seeing SCP-096 so sad. A few even thought it was wrong to lock up someone who was clearly so upset. But they knew they had to keep it contained so it would not attack people. After a while, they took the mirror out of SCP-096’s room so it would calm down.

In the end, looking at its own face did not make SCP-096 angry enough to escape as the photograph did. It only made SCP-096 sadder about being what it is.

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