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SCP-096 Origins SCP-096 Backstory

SCP-096 Origins And Backstory

Where did the Shy Guy SCP-096 come from? Was it born human? How did it become a scary, face-hating monster? 096’s actual past remains a puzzling mystery! Let’s explore some strange theories about its shadowy backstory and origin.

Some accounts suggest 096 began life as a regular baby boy who sadly looked abnormal at birth. His odd features caused other kids to be mean and laugh at his appearance growing up. After years of bullying for his ugly looks, he hid away crying and grew into SCP-096.

Other tales picture 096 starting in ancient times as a primitive outcast tribe member with bizarre features shunned by its people. It fled to the mountains, gradually turning into an urban legend creature over generations. Reports of its modern rock climbing skills support this idea.

Records from an old European asylum describe a patient named “Elias” locked away alone, chained to walls who sounded similar to 096. Maybe early psychiatry could not comprehend or help Elias’ extreme photo-phobia condition in time before he transformed decades later.

During World War II, mad scientists conducted awful body-warping experiments on captives, trying to engineer super soldiers. Perhaps a wrong lab attempt created 096 instead of one human ingredient. Top secret government special projects may have bred this terror!

Some researchers theorize that 096 might be an alien from another planet where hiding faces is an everyday culture. Stranding it on Earth could have warped its understanding of its innocent nature before containment. There’s still so much we have yet to learn about outer space…

SCP folklore also declares that 096 served an ancient palace king as a royal jester performing to amuse the royal court, cursed if any royalty saw its natural face until the spell was broken somehow. Now, its face must stay hidden in exile!

While the truth waits, hiding like 096, such mysterious possibilities excite the imagination about its ominous origins. Every being has a story behind why it struggles so. Even scary SCP-096 likely wants safety from further harm, too, trying its awkward best to find peace somehow on our confusing planet.

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