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How Tall Is SCP-096? SCP 096 Height 

How Tall is SCP-096 the Shy Guy?

SCP-096 is an extremely tall creature. It stands even taller than professional basketball players! People have tried to measure SCP-096 before, but it isn’t easy because SCP-096 does not like to stand up straight.

How Tall is SCP-096 In Feet?

Scientists guess SCP-096 is between 8 and 9 feet tall. That is about the same height as two tall dads standing on each other’s shoulders. Some people even think SCP-096 could be as tall as 10 or 12 feet! That would be as tall as a small tree.

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How Tall is SCP-096 In Cm?

When measuring SCP-096’s height in terms of centimeters, its intimidating stature rounds out to an even 254 cm by current estimates. So, in particle terms, SCP-096 spans over two meters in height, with an additional half a meter padding its already towering frame. Truly something to look up to, just hopefully not literally should it escape!

SCP-096 will be taller when stands up straight

When SCP-096 walks around, it is usually crouched over with its head hanging down. This makes it look shorter. It also covers its face with its long hands and arms. But when SCP-096 stands up straight, you can really see how incredibly tall it is.

Its arms and legs are very long, too. When hanging down at its sides, its fingernails almost touch the ground. The scientists who watch SCP-096 think it looks like a person who got stretched out twice as long.

Some of the doors where SCP-096 lives are over 10 feet tall. That is so it does not bump its head when it stands up. Even those extra tall doors are sometimes not enough for SCP-096 at its full height.

One time, some army soldiers tried to move SCP-096 to a new room. It got very angry and stood up to its complete height. The soldiers say SCP-096 had to bend over a lot, even in the huge room with tall ceilings. From their guess, SCP-096 stood almost 12 feet high!

So, if you ever saw SCP-096 standing in front of you, it would tower high above like a one-story house. You would only come up to around its knees or waist. It would have to lean over a long way to grab you. And with its extra-long arms, it could reach way far and run extremely fast, too.

Why SCP-096 is So Tall?

Nobody knows how SCP-096 grew so unbelievably tall. Some people guess maybe it comes from outer space, where there is less gravity that allows things to grow bigger. Other people think maybe SCP-096 can stretch itself out very tall whenever it needs to.

But exactly how SCP-096 gets its enormous height remains a mystery. All we know for sure is that it stands much taller than any person or basketball player on Earth! So remember, if you ever see something 12 feet tall peeking around a corner, do not look at its face! Stay away from the scary SCP-096!

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