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The Rake VS SCP 096. Can the Rake Beat SCP 096?

Can The Rake Beat SCP 096? The Rake VS SCP 096

Is SCP 096 The Rake?

No, The Rake and SCP-096 are two scary monsters from stories on the internet. They look a little bit alike, with pale skin and long limbs. But they actually come from very different places!

Is the Rake an SCP or a Creepypasta?

It’s a Creepypasta. The Rake comes from scary stories that people made up together online( 4chan). No one knows exactly who first thought up the Rake. People started telling creepy stories about a monster they called the Rake back in 2005. In the stories, the Rake sneaks into people’s houses at night. It watches them while they sleep before killing them with its long claws. Some stories say the Rake has been scaring people for hundreds of years!

the Rake

SCP-096 is from the SCP Foundation, a fictional group that catches strange creatures and monsters to keep people safe. The SCP Foundation has a number for each creature they catch. SCP-096 is called “The Shy Guy.” The SCP Foundation first saw him in the mountains. When some people accidentally saw his face, he got very upset and attacked them! Now, he has to stay locked in a metal box so no one sees his face.

the Shy Guy SCP-096

Similarities between SCP-096 and the Rake

The Rake and SCP-096 look a little bit alike. They are both very tall and skinny with pale skin. The Rake walks low to the ground on four legs and has long claws on its hands. SCP-096 walks on two legs like a person. Both monsters get angry and attack people when bad things happen. But the Rake gets mad when it thinks someone will try to hurt it, while SCP-096 only gets mad if someone sees its face.

The Rake can be very sneaky since it makes no noise when moving around. It can also hide easily in darkness. This makes it able to sneak into people’s rooms without anyone noticing! SCP-096 isn’t sneaky, but it’s very fast. It can run 100 kilometers per hour to chase people who see its face! It will run all over the world to find them. No one can hide from SCP-096 once they see its face!

Both monsters are also hard to hurt. The Rake can keep fighting even if parts of its body get ripped off. SCP-096’s body heals from almost any injury. Bullets and big explosions don’t do much against it! Its bones also seem to be unbreakable.

Can the Rake beat SCP 096?

So, who do you think would win in a fight between the Rake and SCP-096? The Rake has sharp claws and teeth it can use to attack, and it’s very sneaky. But SCP-096 is much faster and stronger. It could probably catch the Rake even if it tries to hide. And since no weapons seem to hurt SCP-096 truly, the Rake might not be able to damage it very much. The Rake’s claws and bites would probably just make SCP-096 even angrier!

In the end, SCP-096 could most likely beat the Rake in a fight. As soon as it caught the Rake, it could overpower it with its strength. Of course, we hope these scary creatures never get the chance actually to fight! Both the Rake and SCP-096 are best left alone in their stories. No one wants them sneaking into their room or chasing them if they accidentally look at their faces!

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