SCP-6789 Siren Head Toy SCP Foundation Figurine


Material:PVC\Resin Size: about 18 cm\7 inch

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SCP-6789 “Siren Head” Specimen Figurine

Introduce guests to one of the Foundation’s most unnerving obscure containment subjects with this highly detailed SCP-6789 replica figure, nicknamed “Siren Head” by staff still shaken by initial event responses. Cast in premium matte PVC, this approximately 18 cm humanoid sculpture immortally preserves the distorted elongated corpse strung hauntingly between twin amplified heads.

Despite sizable casualties incurred before special acoustic suppression rooms perfected confinement, few records survived this auditory attacker’s explosive debut and subsequent isolation. Gift this tribute sculpture to agents who experienced the carnage firsthand so others may understand too.

Mounted on a faux rusted iron base, this hand painted figurine distills urban legend into a decorative conversation piece that warns viewers not to take seemingly supernatural threats lightly in the field. Contain dangerous knowledge, but don’t let vigilance atrophy either lest hazards exploit forgetfulness!

Take home a monument to seemingly fanciful myths proven real through tireless embedded SCP team investigations and containment innovations. This mini-sculpture immortalizes the shrill cries recall teams wish they could forever silence. Never forget what keeps it caged!


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