SCP Tape SCP Foundation Blocking Tape Crime Scene Tape MTF Police Tape


Size: 60m

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SCP Mobile Task Force Warning Tape

Secure anomalous crime scenes in SCP style with this authentic-looking SCP Foundation caution tape. Printed with the SCP logo and “SCP WARNING” along the width, this plastic barrier tape loudly announces a containment zone breach to personnel.

Whether an object has broken loose in your office or you’re cordoning off neighbors from a suspected memetic hazard, this disposable do not cross tape makes an eye-catching perimeter. The bold black and yellow design pops against any environment from Site-19 to suburbia!

The tape proves resilient to stay up under light foot traffic and outdoor conditions while also resisting tears during panicked containment procedures.

Standard factory adhesive backing sticks to most clean building surfaces and peels away cleanly when the anomaly is safely resecured. Use as an accent for costumes and props or take perimeter protection to the next level on your next assignment!

Secure unbelievable situations with believable authority using genuine-looking SCP warning tape! Order a roll and respond to containment breaches in style!

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