SCP-131 AB Figure

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Size: 5 cm

Material: Resin

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SCP-131 Toy SCP Foundation Figurine

SCP-131 “Eye Pods” Collectible Figurine Duo Harmless Euclid Class Display Oddities

Add some otherworldly optical whimsy to your workspace display with this precisely cast pair of SCP-131 mini figures, each cast by hand in durable resin then detailed with care. Consisting of bright mustard yellow 131-B and burnt orange 131-A, these adorable blobbish aliens measure approximately 5cm each.

Modeled after the endearing biomechanical creations that zoom playfully about Site-19, baffling researchers with their irrepressible curiosity. Desk mounting base included so you can exhibit their signature wide-eyed stare as they examine their surroundings just like their life-sized counterparts!

An ideal ornamental artifact for devoted extraterrestrial containment fans. Gift fellow researchers and agents these pocket-sized embodiments of paranormal positivity as a reminder that alien entities need not be hostile to be puzzling.

Let your decor showcase that enigmas can manifest in whimsical forms as well as fearsome – we containment specialists safeguard wonders as well as terrors! Align their gaze towards other display pieces to recreate their uncanny observational assistance when securing volatile anomalies.


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