SCP-035 Lego Set SCP Lego Figures SCP Foundation Lego

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SCP-035 is a dangerous Keter-class anomalous object in the form of a sentient and sadistic white porcelain comedy/tragedy mask. It secretes a highly corrosive black liquid from its facial openings that can decay matter and kill living things.

The mask possesses powerful telepathic and mind-altering effects. Subjects within 1.5-2 meters feel an extremely strong compulsion to put on the mask, which then leads to complete brain death as SCP-035’s alternate brainwaves override the host. SCP-035 then takes over the body as its new “host” which rapidly decays into a mummified corpse over time.

SCP-035 has demonstrated intelligence far beyond a human, as well as a highly manipulative, deceitful, and cruel personality. It is an expert at psychological manipulation and can mentally break subjects with ease. It has extensive knowledge of the SCP world and history based on its claims of being present at many major historical events over time.

The mask has escaped containment before through mind-controlling staff members. Subsequently, it lost its host privileges and remains permanently sealed now due to being too unpredictable and dangerous. Its containment cell has undergone many revisions due to its reality-bending effects creating phenomena like bloody writings, screams, unease in nearby people etc.

SCP-035 is a deadly, intelligent and manipulative parasitic mask anomaly that requires extensive containment protocols and poses major psychological hazards in proximity. Its long-term motives are unknown but likely malevolent.


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