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Who Founded the SCP Foundation? The Mysterious Origins of the SCP Foundation

Who is the founder of the SCP Foundation? Who is the founder of SCP


The SCP Foundation is a collaborative fiction project centered around a fictional organization that contains and studies anomalous objects and entities that defy natural law. The SCP Foundation has captured the imaginations of thousands of writers and readers, but its origins are shrouded in mystery.

According to the SCP Foundation website, the exact details of who found the first scp are unknown. The collaborative and crowd-sourced nature of the project means there is no definitive canon or official history. Various tales give conflicting accounts of when and how the Foundation was founded. Different writers have proposed dates ranging from the 19th to the 20th century.

While the details may remain ambiguous in-universe, we can trace the out-of-universe history of the SCP Foundation with more certainty. The first SCP article is widely credited to a 2007 post on the paranormal /x/ board of 4chan by a user known as Moto42. This post introduced SCP-173, a statue that moves when unobserved and snaps necks. The eerie clinical tone and containment procedures captured the imaginations of the /x/ community.

Over the next few months, more SCP articles emerged on 4chan. Eventually, in January 2008, a dedicated SCP wiki was established on EditThis to organize the growing collection of SCP reports. However, after EditThis switched to a paid model, the site moved to its current Wikidot home in July 2008. The wiki format expanded the SCP universe as more writers contributed new articles and tales rapidly.

Within the fictional universe, a few origin stories for the SCP Foundation have been proposed:

Dr. Mann’s Proposal claims physics student Aaron Siegel established the Foundation in the late 19th century after he encountered paranormal phenomena. Siegel recruited his peers to help study and contain these anomalies, forming the core of the SCP Foundation.


Aaron Siegel

However, other tales point to 1909, 1875, 1824, or 1915 as potential founding years. The secrecy and misinformation surrounding the Foundation in-universe makes its origins ambiguous.

So while we may never know the exact details, the SCP mythos undoubtedly arose from the imaginations of many horror writers and enthusiasts on 4chan. The compelling first SCP article in 2007 inspired a crowd-sourced fiction spanning thousands of interconnected pieces. Even if its in-universe origins are lost to time, the out-of-universe history shows the SCP Foundation was born from creepy collaborative storytelling on the internet.






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