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Where Is the SCP Foundation Located? SCP Foundation Location

Where is the SCP Foundation Located? SCP Location

The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization that captures and contains anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena that violate natural law. This secretive group operates internationally through a network of covert facilities and sites. But where exactly are these sites located? The locations of the Foundation’s bases are kept highly confidential, but some clues from SCP stories and tales point to possible geographic regions.

SCP Site-19

Site-19 considered the largest and most well-known Foundation site, is approximately 35 kilometers northwest of Lansing, Michigan. However, the specific location of Site-19 has never been conclusively revealed. References to Site-19, potentially located near Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, have also surfaced. The Foundation likely maintains numerous decoy sites to preserve the secrecy of its true bases.

Minecraft map SCP Site 19

While Site-19 is situated in the Midwest or Northeast United States, several other major sites are scattered across the globe. Site-17 and Site-96’s locations are described as “unknown on Earth.” Site-13 was originally located near Nome, Alaska before an incident transports it to Big Bend State Park in Texas. Now, Site-13’s whereabouts are unknown.

Sites built near the anomalies they contain

Some sites are built near the anomalies they contain. Provisional Site-4511 covers up SCP-4511 in Chicago, Illinois. Containment Area-354 in Canada includes the spacetime anomaly SCP-354. Armed Biological Containment Area-14 lies in Nevada’s Ruby Mountains. Observational Site 81-2 is situated 30 km from [REDACTED], Indiana, to monitor events around Site-81.

Lead Researcher Westrin during the initial survey of Provisional Site-4511.

Undersea and underground sites

Undersea and underground sites help conceal the Foundation’s activities. Protected Site-7 is located 50 miles offshore in Alaska’s Norton Sound. Site-81 is hidden beneath Indiana’s Monroe Reservoir. The Italian Branch operates Site Deus underneath the Castel del Monte and Site Nettuno across the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.


Dimensional and pocket realities likely contain additional sites. Site-00-00-00 is found in SCP-4840’s Temple of the Night dimension. Armed Reliquary and Containment Area-02’s location on Earth is unknown, hinting at an extradimensional nature. Some decoy sites, like the nonexistent Site-5, may even be fabricated to hide dimensional sites.

Sites Near Population Centers

The Foundation builds bases near population centers to blend in. Armed Site-53 outside Pittsburgh is disguised as a 4498 Quarantined Exclusion Zone. Modular Site masquerades as an unknown corporate or government building. Even the massive Site-19 operates under a public guise. Sites near civilization monitor for urban anomalies and rely on secrecy to contain general breaches.

Remote SCP Sites

Remote, secretive areas house the most dangerous anomalies. The inhospitable location of Site-01, far from civilization, hints at its purpose of containing perilous Keter objects. Area-37’s isolation near the fictional town of Daleport, New England, keeps its activities hidden. Area-126’s probable Syrian desert location provides isolation to suppress knowledge of its workings.

When necessary, the Foundation will appropriate existing sites for its needs. In SCP-1730, the Foundation took control of an abandoned Alaskan military base to contain a dangerous reality-warping anomaly. PoI Konrad Weiss’ Ahnenerbe Obskurakorps base became Foundation-controlled Site-076. Repurposing established sites helps maintain the Veil of secrecy.

Main office of SCP-1730. Primary access to basement levels is below this structure.

Summary of SCP Locations

While the precise coordinates of Foundation bases are obscured, textual clues indicate site locations follow distinct patterns. Major mixed-use facilities exist near population centers, while dedicated specialty sites sprawl in remote locales. Pockets of spacetime and virtual spaces increase the Foundation’s global footprint. This geography allows the clandestine group to monitor hotspots for anomalies, contain dangerous phenomena safely away from humanity, and preserve normalcy. But ultimately, the true locations of the SCP Foundation remain unknown.

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