SCP Sticker Luggage Stickers Suitcase Decals

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This set of SCP stickers consists of 10 stickers. You can stick them anywhere you want.

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SCP Foundation Travel Sticker Pack

Decorate Your Luggage with Secure Containment Style

Add some paranormal panache to your luggage while proclaiming Site allegiance on getaways with this collector’s decal set. Ten die-cut vinyl SCP insignias and logos stick securely to any smooth case surface while resisting scuffs during transit.

Vibrant gloss finishes weather rugged baggage handling yet remove cleanly when assignments change. Adhere commanding Wanderer’s Library archives emblems facing public eyes to mystify security staff. Discreetly tag internal pockets with Veil sigils avoiding scrutiny at checkpoints.

Accessible occultist gear for riders transiting stranger Sites beyond mere flights of fancy. Let a myriad tongues, signs and seals speak silently that you transported curiosities contained safely before. Where you roam no anomaly goes uncataloged when this kit prepares baggage for intriguing inventory!

One sheet or ten, these self-adhesive vinyls stylize luggage while making misplaced bags unmistakable. Collect and carry containment procedure symbols near through terminal trips and back!


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