SCP Foundation Half-Finger Fieldwork Gloves


Material: cotton

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SCP Foundation Half-Finger Fieldwork Gloves

Conduct containment procedures in a deft, precise manner wearing these half-finger SCP tactical fieldwork gloves. The breathable knit fabric and cut-out fingertips provide subtle enhanced grip without restricting fine motor object handling skills crucial in classified SCP activities.

The black microfiber and cotton blended shell features subtly embroidered small-batch white SCP insignia, identifying clearance level without attracting unwanted attention from civilian onlookers that could compromise operations.

Non-slip printed palms and middle finger pads afford dexterous use of delicate instruments and manipulation of volatile materials within appropriate safety limits. Never again pause workflow to drop gear while maintaining delicate grasps across transitioning project phases.

Discreetly outfitted, the lightweight 4-way stretch chassis moves flexibly with hands through a wide mobility range, while understated SCP iconography backs up command over environments. No excess bulk interferes further with deft evidence compartmentalizing and containment enactment.

The next time an unexplained humanoid entity or parasitic anomaly needs securing without disturbance, rely on the performance-fine-tuned specialized capabilities of these covert fieldwork gloves marked by SCP distinction for results that speak silently for themselves!

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