SCP Foundation Hood Identity-Obscuring Tactical Hood


Material: Cotton Adjustable size

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SCP Foundation Identity-Obscuring Tactical Hood

Mask facial features rapidly during confidential assignments with this SCP Foundation fieldwork balaclava hood. The breathable cotton and spandex blend stretches over the head for secure opaque coverage guarding identity, while integrated airflow eyelets prevent internal fogging during strenuous containment.

The formfitting chassis Sock Hood design moves fluidly allowing uninhibited site surveillance and specimen tracking mobility unencumbered by rigid helmet bucket depth or cumbersome tactical riot gear. Discreet flatlock seams prevent irritating chafing so comfort never undermines ops.

When encountering memetic, psychic or shapeshifting anomalies capable of appropriating insider knowledge through visual perception vulnerabilities, reliable protection measures prove paramount. Eliminate recognition advantages hostiles often exploit.

See without being seen and act without being identified wearing this SCP spec ops identity obscuring mask. Sensitive maneuvers stay confidential before, during and after joint task force operations. Ensure nothing recognizes your face then lives to tell about it!

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