SCP Foundation Glasses Case


Material: aluminum

Size: 16.5*6.5*3.5  cm

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SCP Foundation Research Optics Protective Case
Shield Essential Lenses

Guard sensitive diagnostic and obscuring eyewear securely in this durable snap-lock aluminum SCP glasses case when mobilizing between lab sites cloaked from public view. The lightweight metallic design finished in matte black subtly prints the iconic logo in bold white script.

Form-fitted plush crimson flocked interior pampers expensive prescription and PPE optics alike across rugged travel exposing gear to unpredictable space-time flux hazards that could degrade visual clarity or calibration efficacy when unprotected.

Measuring just 16.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm collapsed, it stuffs inside go bags with room left for backup goggles, micro cameras or blacklight UV penlights for complete portable lab capability. Dual spring plate separation grants individualized compartments protecting complex multi-lens glasses.

Never leave observation facilities lacking reliable visibility aids again! This hard shell spectacle transport guards all vision enhancement and identity cloaking apparatus gear from harm whether supporting remote field work or on-campus experiment analysis. Protect what allows you to detect!

1 review for SCP Foundation Glasses Case

  1. SCP Foundation Glasses Case photo review
    SCP Foundation Glasses Case photo review
    SCP Foundation Glasses Case photo review
    Eleanor Alleeson
    29 November 2022
    Daughter was chuffed with this case ...More

    Daughter was chuffed with this case

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