SCP-173 Toy SCP-173 Lego

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SCP 173 Lego Figures SCP Foundation Lego

SCP-173 is a humanoid statue constructed out of concrete, rebar and spray paint of unknown origin. It is an animate anomaly which displays extremely hostile behavior towards human beings. SCP-173 is capable of moving at very high speeds to attack victims, but becomes completely motionless when under direct observation.

The creature kills by snapping the neck at the base of the skull or through strangulation. It produces scraping stone sounds when not observed and leaves behind a combination of feces and blood. SCP-173 seems to seek attention from the staff tasked with containing it.

As the first anomalous object documented on the SCP Foundation wiki, SCP-173 sparked the creation of a collaborative creative community focused on containing unnatural entities. It is renowned as the iconic main antagonist of the video game SCP – Containment Breach, in which players must constantly maintain eye contact with the statue. Despite being classified only as Euclid class, SCP-173 is an unpredictable threat which must be kept under strict special containment procedures by the Foundation due to its danger and apparent immortality.


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