SCP-066 Lego Set

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SCP Lego Figures SCP Foundation Lego

SCP-066 is a 1 kilogram mass of intricately braided yarn and ribbon with apparent human eyes embedded within. It displays autonomous mobility and will produce musical tones and anomalous effects around humans after at least 6 seconds, including creatures materializing, deafening symphony music, darkness, stinging insects etc. Originally Safe class, its behavior became more violent after a containment breach attempt – it now constantly says “Eric” in a male voice and tries to damage its container. Effects have turned more dangerous too, causing injury and deafness in staff. SCP-066 seems to have an obsession with someone named Eric, but its motives and origins are enigmatic beyond a compulsion to create chaotic phenomena around people. With capacity to warp space and matter unexpectedly, SCP-066 is now designated Euclid class.


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