SCP-049 Plague Doctor Mask

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Material: PU Leather

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SCP-049 “Plague Doctor” Masks
Creepy Masquerade Duo – White & Black

Infect your cosplay repertoire with a touch of paranormal Victorian intrigue by donning these durable Leather SCP-049 mask variants! Sculpted beaked physician disguise based on the humanoid anomaly entity’s signature creepy costume.

Each full-head mask incorporates integrated shoulder length wig coverage for disguising identities all evening at a masquerade ball or when spoofing anomaly case file Recovery Teams on social media. Adjustable rear bungee strap keeps the facade securely centered.

Play it straight laced with the clinical white mask or go grimier with the black “decay” edition! Great for medical mystery costume themes, couplescoordinating creepy couture, Halloween hijinks, or video productions seeking an eerie era catalyst character.

Give friends “goosebumps” channeling vintage visions of plague ravaging a community, now contained in doctor’s garb! Its vaccine against boredom – when the cameras roll, give ghoulish history a checkup! Victoriana vivified – ready to bewilder the ball when its masks come off at midnight!

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Black, White


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