SCP-049 Figure Plague Doctor SCP Foundation Plush Toy


Size: about 18cm/7inch Material: Resin

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SCP-049 “Plague Doctor” Figure Historic Horror Contained

Immortalize one of the most chillingly clinical containment subjects from Foundation archives in 3D sculpture form with this finely crafted SCP-049 replica figure. Cast in premium resin and expertly hand-painted, this approximately 18 cm Plague Doctor statuette authentically reproduces the humanoid anomaly’s intricate robes and beaked mask.

SCP-049’s obsession with “curing” humans by transforming them into aggressive deceased specimens necessitates strict observation. This miniature allows admiring the historic design and eerie mannerisms of “Pestilence” safely outside its quarantine cell. Display proudly among occult artifacts and case trophies collected from across eras.

Gift fellow researchers this exclusive figurine homage to an iconic scp file tracing back to the organization’s early days. Despite confinement for centuries, 049’s clinical breaches and medical mysteries still haunt and captivate fans today. Never forget the nightmarish origins!

Add gothic plague-ridden old world menace to modern decorative realism with this memorial showcase that would impress Dr. Beak himself! Just pray his cure doesn’t take hold beyond these little scrubs – Euclid classes know no static bounds!


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