SCP-035 Mask Costume

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SCP-035 Mask

Add a dash of paranormal disguise intrigue to your cosplay repertoire with this durable latex porcelain mask pair inspired by SCP-035! Sculpted Tragedy & Comedy variant visages feature the signature dripping black “tear” streaks recalling the corrosive ooze of the mysterious humanoid anomaly entity.

Cheeky Wiki/ARG cosplay accessories or just for spoofing social media selfies, these dramatic persona prosthetics promise a cube of fun (pun intended)! Great for masquerade balls, Halloween, improv, or video productions when seeking an enigmatic character catalyst.

Stay snug yet channel mystique slipping between gleeful clowning to morose mourning faster than a pesso stock swap! Lure new friends under a charming façade as befits the transformative entity that thrives on curious hosts but never a dull moment! A face for every occasion when the cameras roll – lights, SCP, action!

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