SCP-035 Figure

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Size: 10cm

Material: Resin

Note1: This is a handmade product, please be patient for shipping which may take 1 week or sometimes longer.

Note2: This mask is for display/decoration purposes only, it should not be worn.

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SCP-035 Toy SCP Foundation Figurine

SCP-035 “Possessive Mask” Figurine
Eerie Keter Class Desk Decor Replica

Add an iconically eerie accent to your SCP desk theme using this highly detailed replica figure of SCP-035. Cast in durable premium resin and expertly hand-painted, this unnerving 10cm piece immortally captures the porcelain facade and inky facial secretions of the predatory humanoid infohazard anomaly.

Display this harbinger of psychological corrosion proudly alongside printed case files and other Foundation memorabilia, but heed containment protocols! While this replica safeguards your mental faculties, direct skin contact by living subjects remains strictly forbidden.

Gift fellow researchers and agents this figural embodiment of callous, cunning sentience posing as inanimate haberdashery waiting for an unwitting host to overtake. Let your decor remind that a devious predator behind the playful Comedy disguise thirsts to spread death and madness wearing your face!


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