The Backrooms Partygoer mask Partypoopers mask Backrooms Costume



The Backrooms Partygoer mask The Backrooms Partypoopers mask Backrooms party pooper Cosplay Mask

Material: PVC
Size: adjustable

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The Backrooms Anomaly Mask Duo Set
Mismatching Celebrant and Killerjoy

Explore the quirky tandem dynamics between the Backrooms’ eccentric Partygoer mascot and its bitter Partypooper heckler with this duo costume mask set. Each uniquely styled 7 inch vinyl façade represents the cheer and jeer encountering this offbeat fluorescent abyss.

The glossy golden Partygoer visage beams with optimistic zeal, eagerly welcoming wayward visitors with noisemaker and balloon accessories. Its gloomy contrast – the Partypooper Mask – sulks critical behind an emoji-frown capturing sarcastic “unimpressed” reactions.

One size flexibly fits most faces. Made from durable easy-clean PVC, these novelty persona masks allow fully immersing in the absurdist hijinks found when interoffice reality fractures into these sprawling subliminal spaces. Portray pals, rivals or reversible risk – their dynamic poses endless questions!

Bring friends together strategizing escape routes or ironically undermine productivity retreats wearing these iconic Backrooms archetype disguises! Navigate the madness wearing suitable faces until exfiltration access surfaces. Not all doorways should be crossed!

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Partygoer, Partypoopers, Set of 2


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