Cartoon Cat Lego

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SCP Foundation Cartoon Cat Lego Figure Toy

Cartoon Cat Horror Building Kit 197 Pieces to Construct Eldritch Lego Feline

Add some eldritch feline intrigue to your Lego creature collection with this 197 piece Cartoon Cat construction set! Build the entire freakish frame of this obscure internet urban legend one uncanny brick at a time.

Meticulously recreate the signature rubberhose art style featuring impossibly long limbs and head with specialized Lego elements. Pose the completed 11” tall model in signature contorted creeping stances thanks to numerous customizable joints. Display finished build on your shelf alongside custom printed cryptid case files!

An unnerving brick-built oddball ideal for devotees of vintage surreal horror art and esoteric pop internet folklore alike. Gift fellow curiosity seekers this toy tribute to an enigmatic modern mythos icon – perhaps still glimpsed contorting behind boarded-up old cartoon studios when night falls…

Construct your own hand-painted polychromatic eldritch feline or customize the abnormal anatomy with paints and parts! This modulus replica reflects the endless disturbing possibilities when reality’s contours meet human imagination. What will your build reveal lurking behind the moving pictures tonight?


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