Siren Head Figure SCP-6789 Toy


Size 14cm\5.5inch Material Resin

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SCP-6789 “Siren Head” Containment Figurine

Replicate a dangerous auditory spectral entity in scaled decorative form with this hand painted SCP-6789 “Siren Head” resin figurine. Towering at 14cm on an eerie rusted metal pole stand, this Keter class miniature recreates disturbing details like megaphone “head” horns and mangled corpse components.

Display this exclusive figurine to intrigue and caution visitors against the unpredictable nature of acoustic-based anomalies the Foundation contains. Though this instance remains captured, remember the unpredictable risks memetic sound events still pose exploiting human perceptions when breached.

Gift fellow field teams recovering damaged documentation and masked warnings from Siren Head’s wake this replica so the lessons uncovered don’t fade over time as just another obscure containment file. Proudly showcase respect for all agents confronting disorienting psychological ops or sacrificing hearing permanently!

Bring home a remnant of the enduring sacrifices made securing anomalies without obvious payoff or public credit. This resin collectible immortalizes the ingenuity and perseverance of an embedded containment team that history nearly forgot. They protected innocents – will you remember them?


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