SCP Tote SCP Foundation Canvas Grocery Market Tote Bag


Size: 15*13.4 inch

Material: Canvas

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SCP Foundation Market Tote Roomy Utility Shopping Bag

Transport sensitive paraphernalia or standard provisions incognito inside this capacious SCP canvas tote bag. Two muted colorways let agents and researchers alike conceal gear discreetly: durable jet black with crisp white logo, or low-key white with stealthy dark branding.

Unzip the reinforced top opening to fill the ample 15 x 13.4 inch hold with bulky containment tools, freshly procured organic samples needing pre-screening, or elaborate cover costumes supporting your latest assumed identity. Front Velcro patches allow swapping ID badges/access cards between sites and exposures.

Twin dependable 20 inch rope handles carry substantial bulk in stable ease across campuses or commercial centers while collecting mission-critical supplies. The 100% cotton canvas construction withstands demanding usage from cross-town evidence conveying to remote expedition grub hauling.

With its immense volume, professional subtle appearance and hardcore texture, this courier-style SCP tokened tote supports transportation logistics for field operatives and remote site personnel alike through thick and thin. Never abandon a package mid-mission – transcend public spaces in confidence with this covert carrier!

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