SCP Foundation Bluetooth Earbuds


Bluetooth 5.0

1200mAh Charge Box

Active Noise Canceling Headsets

Working distance: 10M-20M

Talk time: 5H

Music time: 5H

Frequency range: 2402Mhz-2480Mhz

Charging time: 1-2H

Emergency charging of mobile phone: suppor

Support Agreement: Supports HFP 1.7 HSP 1.2 / A2DP 1AVRCP 1.6 SPP 1.2 and PBAP 1.0

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SCP Foundation Bluetooth Earbuds Secure Communications Package

Transmit audio surveillance securely using these SCP Foundation wireless earbuds employing near-field communication and Bluetooth 5.0 protocols. The unprecedented encrypted pairing technology enables covert agent-to-agent transmission undetectable by outside monitoring.

Housed within a compact 1200mAh charge case, the noise-canceling buds provide up to 5 hours continuous tactical communication or music streaming between personnel and command centers. Rapid magnetic charging facilitates prolonged stakeouts with minimal downtime.

Distinct “F9” Bluetooth ID badges earpieces for rapid squadmate recognition when mobilizing together in the field. Simply open the case and the readied buds instantly connect to one another as well as external mobile devices when permission allows.

With working ranges up to 65 feet between grounded task force members, these wireless earphones are perfect for dynamic containment operations or joint Hazmat specimen transfers. Never second-guess field observations again.

Take confidential phone calls and gain an underground edge using ultra secure connection channels courtesy of the SCP Foundation Communication Package! Order a stealthy set today.


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