SCP-1923 Cartoon Cat Figurine Toy


Size: about 18cm/7inch Material: Resin

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SCP-1923 Cartoon Cat Figurine

Bring an eerie artifact from the SCP Foundation into your home with this 7-inch resin figurine depicting the unnerving SCP-1923 entity, nicknamed “Cartoon Cat.” First documented in the late 1990s, Cartoon Cat is described as a humanoid black-and-white cartoon cat with elongated claws and teeth known to manifest near sites of tragedy.

This highly-detailed Cartoon Cat replica figurine immerses you in the mystery and horror of the SCP mythos. Display it on a shelf, desk or cabinet to intrigue your friends and guests with its otherworldly, vintage cartoon style. Makes an ideal gift for enthusiasts of the paranormal and horror genres.

Please note – like the original Cartoon Cat, this resin statue may induce feelings of anxiety when viewed for too long. We recommend taking breaks when handling to avoid undue distress. Enjoy your quality SCP Foundation decorative item!


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