SCP-106 Figure The Old Man Figure

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Size: 18 cm

Material: Resin

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SCP-106 Toy SCP Foundation Figurine

SCP-106 “The Old Man” Figurine Ominous Keter Class Decor

Introduce some nightmarish intrigue to your workspace with this meticulously sculpted SCP-106 figurine, cast in premium resin then hand-finished in grisly detail. Standing 18cm tall, this miniature humanoid containsment breach hazard emulates the withered flesh, skeletal grin, and corroding grasp of the notorious predatory stalker anomaly.

From the intricate cloth folds of its hazmat suit remnants to the bony proportions of its outstretched arms, showcase “The Old Man’s” pursuit of human prey outside its feared pocket dimension prison. Display alongside printed containment procedures for added immersive custody theming.

An ideal ornamental artifact for devoted paranormal collection curators. Gift fellow agents and research associates this hyper-accurate avatar of an entity as inexorable as it is sadistic – a foe feared by even the stoutest Mobile Task Force combatants!

Let your decor echo the challenge of restraining this dimension-warping kidnapper before it phases through solid matter to torture sanity and life essence away! A reminder that many fail to exit its nightmarish maze of madness once pulled inside off guard…


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