SCP-096 Action Figure SCP-096 Toys the Shy Guy Action Figure


Size: about 18cm/7inch Material: Resin

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SCP-096 “The Shy Guy” Containment Figurine

Add one of the Foundation’s most notorious Euclid-class humanoid containment subjects to your collection with this unnervingly detailed Shy Guy model figure. Cast in durable resin and hand painted, this approximately 18cm replica depicts a crouched SCP-096 captured mid-pursuit, elongated arms tensed and mouth locked in its haunting wail.

Any existing photo capturing SCP-096’s face triggers an unstoppable homicidal rampage until killed or recontained. Happy to be observed otherwise, its docile temperament belies the danger of perceiving its visage. This figurine allows safer examination of one of the most lethal yet pitiable creatures under Foundation anomaly jurisdiction.

Displayed among other containment procedure memorabilia or alone as a centerpiece, this miniature recreation adds intriguing unknown origin story appeal to any decorative shelf. An exclusive limited run production for true believers beyond just cutesy vinyls, this museum-grade piece immortalizes a key subject in SCP historian circles.

Introduce newcomers to iconic Archive File records with this resin figurine embodying a notorious historical breach they’ll never forget. Just pray stored photos never surface to end its placid posing! Fear and fascination contained here.


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