The Backrooms Partygoer Figure

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The Backrooms Partygoer Figure Partygoer Figurines backrooms entity

Material: resin

Size: 12cm

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The Backrooms Partygoer Figurine 12cm Resin Statue

Add an unsettling humanoid figure from the eerie Backrooms to your home with this resin Partygoer replica statue. Described in Backrooms lore, Partygoers are mysterious balloon-shaped entities that invite lost wanderers to bizarre parties in the infinite Backrooms.

This highly detailed 12cm Partygoer figurine allows you to own a piece of odd Backrooms decor. Display this peculiar statue on a shelf, desk or cabinet to intrigue your friends. Makes an ideal gift for fans of creepypastas, cosmological horror, and surreal interdimensional spaces.

Let this resin Partygoer statue add a creepy interdimensional twist to your home or office decor theme. Just don’t get lost staring into its endless spiral eyes! Please note this replica does not actually move or interact. Enjoy your quality Backrooms decorative item!


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