Light Head Plush

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Size: 55cm

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Light Head toy

Loom over your décor with disturbing disproportion thanks to this jumbo soft sculpture Light Head plush, measuring over 55cm tall! Faithfully rendering the unnaturally elongated figure and tiny facial features of the obscure viral creepypasta cryptid in cushy fabric.

Great for harmless companionship with a fictional humanoid horror that intrigues and unsettles imaginations. Display this slouching giant on your bookshelf, media room, or alongside collector’s case files as a visual testament to internet scary story phenomena that endure.

An ultra soft oversized plush effigy ideal for devotees of esoteric horror in its most surreal, absurdist form to appreciate. Gift fellow analogy enthusiasts this cuddly embodiment of the cognitive dissonance induced when the human silhouette is made alien.

Let quaintly nightmarish memories and musings alike take relaxing plus-sized plush form! Its towering appearance disguises a perfectly harmless snuggle buddy when eerie records, images, and eyewitness accounts keep you puzzled. Rest easy as the obscure icon watches over you!

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