Chimney Head Figure Chimney Head Monster Chimney Head Plush Chimney Head Toy


Size: about 18cm/7inch Material: Resin

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SCP Foundation Keter Head Miniature Figurine
Add Some Anomalous Décor

Keep a disconcerting memetic hazard safely contained on display within this finely detailed SCP stacker figure modeled after the dreaded Chimney Head entity. Cast in durable PVC resin and hand-painted, this roughly 18cm figurine reproduces minute muscle sinew textures across the humanoid facial remnant.

Whether posed atop monitor banks in a top secret observation chamber or your own curio collection, display this Keter class humanoid bust with care – the permanence endowed by its material composition belies the madness within! For once you know its chant, it’s already too late…

Gift this “limited run” foundation exclusivity sculpt to a fellow researcher or operative that appreciates a truly obscure containment breach reference like no other decoration allows expressing thanks. Just be sure to dilute exposure by balancing ambient psionic energy fields correctly!

Prepare emergency counterchants now and integrate a foundational security measure simultaneously with this exacting miniature capturing a formidable vocal infohazard. Never forget what keeps it sealed! Astute fans dare add this to décor – “normalized” guests beware!


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