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SCP-2024 Mixing Rod

SCP 2024

There is a very special cane called SCP-2024 that some scientists found. It resembles a regular wooden cane with a red shaft and a colorful yellow, red, and green handle. But this cane can do magical things!

SCP 2024 Tag

A paper tag is tied to the cane’s shaft with a piece of string. This tag cannot be removed, or the cane will start acting crazy! When someone holds the cane by the handle and the tag is still on, colorful glowing dots appear along the shaft. It looks really neat! The cane also goes through solid things like they weren’t even there. It can go through wood, metal, plastic, and even people!

When the cane goes into something, it can stretch and mix up what it’s going through. It can make wood bendy, so it wiggles all around. It can mix two things touching the cane, like metal and cotton candy! But don’t worry, the cane doesn’t make or destroy stuff; it just mixes it up in silly ways.

If someone takes the tag off, the cane turns evil! It glows super bright and starts poking itself into anything around it – tables, walls, even people. This hurts the person or thing it mixes up. The scientists found out that giving medicine injections can help save someone if this happens. So keeping that tag on is very important!

Some kids won the cane at a carnival and got hurt by it. One even died because his face and brain got all mixed up. The scientists called the number on the tag and talked to a man named Gary, who works at the carnival. He said the cane was made by the circus and given out as prizes. He spoke like a cane, and mixing up people was fun! But it’s very dangerous and not a good idea.

SCP-2024 Containment

So now the scientists keep SCP-2024 locked in a special case so no one else gets hurt. The tag stays on and mostly sits there, being a normal cane. But the scientists do test its powers sometimes while wearing protective suits. As long as that tag stays put, this “mixing rod” stays under control!

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