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What does SCP mean? SCP Foundation Meaning

Special Containment Procedures

What do SCP mean? Deciphering the Meaning Behind “SCP”

The SCP Foundation is a collaborative fiction writing project and shared fictional universe centered around a secretive organization that contains and studies anomalous objects and entities that defy natural law. Within the SCP universe, “SCP” has two main meanings that reflect the Foundation’s mission.

First SCP Meaning – Secure, Contain, Protect

The most well-known meaning of SCP is the phrase “Secure, Contain, Protect”. This is considered the motto of the fictional Foundation, summarizing its primary mission objectives:

SCP Foundation Logo

Secure – The Foundation works to locate and take control of anomalies to prevent them from posing a threat to humanity. This may involve capturing supernatural entities or specimens and transporting them to secure containment facilities. Or it may involve suppressing all public knowledge of dangerous or widespread anomalies.

Contain – At its extensive network of clandestine containment sites worldwide, the Foundation keeps anomalies safely contained using a variety of sophisticated procedures tailored to each object. This prevents them from damaging society or the world at large.

Protect – By securing and containing anomalies, the Foundation protects humanity from the dangers they pose. Their work preserves human life, society, and normalcy across the globe. This protection also includes shielding the public from knowledge of anomalies to avoid mass panic.

The motto emphasizes the Foundation’s duty to act as humanity’s first line of defense against forces beyond human understanding or control. Though their methods are often ethically questionable, their mission is ultimately meant to serve the greater good.

Second SCP Meaning – Special Containment Procedures

Within the fictional documentation created for each anomaly, “SCP” also stands for Special Containment Procedures. Every SCP entity has a set of Special Containment Procedures that detail how to safely handle and contain it.


For example, SCP-173 refers to the Special Containment Procedures for SCP-173 specifically. This would outline all protocols and precautions pertaining to the safe containment of that particular SCP anomaly.

The documentation covers:

  • Description of the SCP object, entity, or phenomenon
  • Substance, physical properties, and capabilities
  • Specific containment chamber or facility requirements
  • Handling procedures and safety precautions
  • Maintenance activities such as cleaning or feeding
  • Actions to take in case of containment breach

Adhering to these strict methodologies is essential for keeping anomalies under control. Personnel must follow protocol precisely to avoid catastrophic incidents.

Conclusion of What is SCP mean

The two meanings of “SCP” – Secure, Contain, Protect, and Special Containment Procedures – relate directly to one another. Special containment procedures for individual SCP anomalies allow the Foundation organization as a whole to work towards their mission of securing, containing and protecting the world at large.

By locking down dangerous SCP objects under stringent procedures, the Foundation can fulfill its goal of shielding humanity from forces that threaten society’s normal operation. The phrases capture the scope of the organization’s duties, from the handling of specific anomalies to protecting the big picture.

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