Siren Head Plush

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Big Siren Head Plush Doll

Snuggle up with some surreal supernatural terror in adorable plush form with this Siren Head creature collectible! Standing 55cm tall, this spooky oddity replica features the signature distressed mannequin appearance and giant speaker head of the mysterious entity rumored to roam remote forests emitting distress calls.

The super-soft fleece exterior and bean bag filler make this fearsome cryptid perfect for harmless cuddling while appreciating its bizarre fictional folklore. Display on your office shelf, desk, or media room as a chilling yet charming decorative conversation piece!

An offbeat plush memento ideal for devotees of creepyoli curiosities originating from internet scary story imagery. Gift fellow legend trippers this tactile personification of an enigmatic horror symbol perhaps still echoing lost souls’ cries through the wilderness when darkness falls…

Let eerie memories and imaginations alike take soothing snuggly form! Its disorienting appearance disguises a comforting companion to have around when anomaly accounts keep you up at night. Sweet plush dreams ahead from the scary story icon that won’t ever stomp your neighborhood!

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