SCP-682 Figure Hard-to-Destroy Reptile Figure

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Size: 18 cm

Material: Resin

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SCP-682 Toy SCP Foundation Figurine

SCP-682 “Hard-to-Destroy Reptile” Figurine Ferocious Keter Class Decor Showpiece

Add some destructive prehistoric menace to your workspace with this museum-grade, hand-cast resin SCP-682 figurine standing approximately 18cm tall. Meticulously sculpted and hand-painted, this highly detailed replica captures the irregular angled body, sinister red eyes, and bared teeth of the infamously resilient extradimensional entity.

Known for violently breaching containment and shrugging off all termination attempts, miniaturize this adversary feared by Mobile Task Forces for desktop display. Pair with printed experiment logs or contained rubble accessories for added authenticity. An ideal collectors piece for devoted humanoid containment enthusiasts.

Gift fellow researchers and agents this figural embodiment of an organism as cunning as it is functionally indestructible. Let your decor echo the challenge of restraining an apex reptilian predator – perhaps humanity’s harbinger of ultimate doom if ever fully unleashed!

Add a threatening Keter class accent piece guaranteed to start conversations and awe/scare visitors, reminding all that the Scripture disproven inside still yearns to breach and massacre without end! Contain the destroyer staring you down from across the office…if you dare!


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