SCP-131 Lego Set

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SCP 131 Lego Figures SCP Foundation Lego

SCP-131 consists of two 30cm teardrop-shaped creatures designated SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B with a single blue eye in their bodies. Despite high mobility and cat-like intelligence, these biomechanical aliens are harmless, though they can sense danger. 131-A is orange and 131-B is yellow. They are insatiably curious, bonding with and following personnel, needing only visual stimulation. Their speed allows them to observe containment breaches safely. Though the Foundation granted them Safe class status and site residence, their true origins are unknown. Personnel adore them as facility mascots, using their stare to neutralize hostile SCPs like 173, though minimal interaction is recommended. They aim to somehow return to their home dimension one day.


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