SCP-096 Lego Set

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lego scp 096

443 blocks

about 2 hours to finish

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scp lego 096

SCP-096 is a 2.38 meter tall, emaciated humanoid that enters a distressed emotional state and pursues individuals to kill if they view its face, whether directly, in photos/videos or other mediums. It seems blind and lacks higher functions beyond locating victims, but perceives its face as hideous. 096 can cover extreme distances rapidly to reach targets and any attempts to impede it seem futile – it feels no damage even when blown apart. After [REDACTED] its victim, 096 returns to docility. It was contained by the Foundation after killing a retrieval team except one individual who avoided looking at its face. 096 is extremely resilient and dangerous once triggered, prompting termination requests. Despite many failed attempts, it remains contained by the Foundation, deemed too hazardous to allow existence elsewhere.


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